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Specializing in Sales of fine wine and spirits. Wholesale price Call for more details: 415-261-3757

Aral Distributions is a wholesale alcohol distributing company created in 2001 by a former winemaker Aram Harutyunyan whose main goal was diffusion of European alcohol culture in Northern California. Representing more than 50 major brands like Nemiroff we are one of the leading alcohol beverages distributors in Northern California. With 12 years of experience of wholesale distribution our team will do everything as possible to make your experience with us the best!

How we do business on this web site:
You will need to Register and enter all required information. We will create an account and send you email with your credentials and links. We will also validate your ABC license.
When you log in you will be able to see prices and purchase products.
If you place an order our associate may call you to confirm your order and also delivery address.
The consignment period is for 30 days. Our minimum order is five hundred dollars. In case if your store is farther than 75 miles from San Francisco then minimum order is $1000. We also provide free delivery if the distance is about 170 miles around San Francisco.